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Offshore Development

Eraedgeinc offers a large group of seaward programming advancement administrations to its customers. Eraedgeinc has all the key qualities that are required to making seaward advancement fruitful:

  • Software improvement handle skill
  • High quality ability pool
  • Rigor and train
  • Communication forms
  • Flexibility to meet changing business needs

Eraedgeinc offers the accompanying seaward advancement administrations:
  • Application Development
  • System Software
  • Application Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Platform movement and Legacy change
  • One-off Custom advancement
  • Dedicated Virtual Research and Development
  • Software Testing

Application Development

Eraedge helps customer endeavors to grow new applications, highlights, enhanced renditions or improvement, application programming interfaces and overhauls for their current business applications. We work intimately with the customer group to do an achievability contemplate if necessary, form the item particulars, outline, innovation choice, item design, asset arranging, spending arranging, usage plans, quality affirmation, arrangement testing, constrained accessibility rollouts and sending.

System Software

Eraedge gives its clients framework programming administrations, for example, new innovation investigate, building a proof-of-idea, programming item advancement, execution tuning and upgrade, adaptability change, supporting new advances in current items and quality affirmation.

Application Maintenance and Upgrades

Eraedge helps customer endeavors do support take a shot at its present items, do bug settle discharges, construct client particular new components, do consistence work (ex. Legitimate necessities, HIPAA directions, and so on), new working framework similarity, discharge administration, in reverse similarity, interoperability, custom item bundling driven by the showcasing group, constrained element accessibility renditions, and so forth.

Eraedge can offer customers an assortment of upkeep models, utilizing a mix of on location and seaward administrations. Platform migration and Legacy transformation

This involves moving a current item to another innovation stage, case from C/C++ to .NET, moving an Informix database usage to SQL, or supporting an application on Linux and in addition AIX, and so forth. Legacy change may include a total re-compose of an item from a legacy framework to another stage like J2EE or .NET. Then again, it could mean guaranteeing interoperability between a current execution and another stage by composing XML wrappers to uncover a similar usefulness through new interfaces

One-off Custom development

Numerous offers of innovation items include doing custom advancement take a shot at an item to fit the correct needs of the client. Be that as it may, an innovation organization can't stand to keep up a full-time group of specialists to do one-off custom improvement work for every offer of the item. Ex. Custom joining of your item with a home-developed charging programming or an in-house CRM framework. This is regularly the case, despite the fact that in the vast majority of these situations, the purchaser of the item will pay for the custom advancement. In such cases, Eraedge can do the custom advancement work and you can even now give a full answer for your clients. This expands the odds of making a deal, lessens time-to-bringing of a deal to a close but then keeps the item group little and centered.

Dedicated Virtual Research and Development

Eraedge offers this support of undertakings who require a devoted advancement or research group at aggressive rates and low operational overheads, however who would prefer not to go up against the extra overhead of setting up a different division in light of lawful or spending limitations. The Dedicated Team at Eraedge's seaward advancement focus would be a virtual augmentation of the venture's own group and would be committed exclusively for its inside innovative work exercises. Every single operational overhead like office space, web network, foundation, HR, benefits, charges, legitimate consistence, travel, and so on would be dealt with by Eraedge. Furthermore, preparing, innovation bolster, group building, organization get-togethers, and other particular needs of the client can likewise be dealt with.

Software Testing

Eraedge gives finish outsourced programming testing administrations in its seaward model as well. All testing arrangements and test outlines would be done in conjunction with the customer group and the real quality confirmation would be finished by Eraedge's accomplished and demanding group seaward.