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Advisory - IT Consulting

Advisory Services: Identifying High-Value Opportunities All organizations are driving towards one objective: expanding benefits. Despite size or scale, they should juggle contending needs like keeping up current items, putting resources into cutting edge items, and exploring changing financial situations to achieve this objective. Be that as it may, each of these requests can spread a company's assets thin, bringing about deferred courses of events, less powerful procedures, bring down quality items and indeterminate benefits.

Our Advisory Service Offering

To help our customers increment their gainfulness, Eraedgeinc Technologies offers admonitory administrations that recognize high-esteem streamlining openings, address basic difficulties, and change item operations. Our admonitory administrations offering takes a "business change" approach rather than a "business handle re-designing" or "cutting back" approach. At the end of the day, we don't just concentrate on bringing down a customer's costs; we improve a customer's business and innovation with a specific end goal to reallocate ability and administration transmission capacity to higher-esteem exercises. To this end, we team up straightforwardly with our customers' R&D associations to viably enhance procedures, advancements and general item quality.

Our Advisory Service Focus Areas

Eraedgeinc Technologies advisory services focus on the following areas of interest:

  • Globalization
  • Location Portfolio Strategy
  • Captive Transformation
  • Product Architecture
  • Product Delivery/Deployment
  • Distributed Agile Development
  • Test Transformation
  • Automation